Population Geography Syllabus Study Material PYQ’S MCQ’S Mock Test

Population Geography Syllabus, Study Material, PYQ’S, MCQ’S, Mock Test

Here in this post you will get Population Geography syllabus, Population Geography study material, Population Geography previous years questions (PYQ’S), Population Geography multiple choice questions (MCQ’S), also Population Geography mock test

Population  Geography
Population Geography
  • Sources of population data (census, sample surveys and vital statistics, data reliability and errors). 
  • World Population Distribution (measures, patterns and determinants), 
  • World Population Growth (prehistoric to modern period). 
  • Demographic Transition, 
  • Theories of Population Growth (Malthus, Sadler, and Ricardo). 
  • Fertility and Mortality Analysis (indices, determinants and world patterns). 
  • Migration (types, causes and consequences and models), 
  • Population Composition and Characteristics (age, sex, rural-urban, occupational structure and educational levels), 
  • Population Policies in Developed and Developing Countries.

Study Material

Important Topic:


Previous Years Questions (PYQ’S):


Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’S) :

1. Population Geography Important Questions | Part 1 (1-25)

2. Population Geography Important Questions | Part 1 (25-50)

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