Oceanography Syllabus Study Material PYQ’S MCQ’S Mock Test

Oceanography Syllabus, Study Material, PYQ’S, MCQ’S, Mock Test

Here in this post you will get Oceanography syllabus, Oceanography study material, Oceanography previous years questions (PYQ’S),Oceanography multiple choice questions (MCQ’S), also Oceanography mock test

  • Relief of Oceans, 
  • Composition:  Temperature, Density and Salinity, 
  • Circulation: Warm and Cold Currents, 
  • Waves, 
  • Tides, 
  • Sea Level Changes, 
  • Hazards: Tsunami and Cyclone   

Study Material

Important Topic:


Previous Years Questions (PYQ’S):

1. Part 1 Oceanography Previous Years Questions (DEC 2019 – JUNE 2019)

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’S) :


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