Industrial Geography Syllabus Study Material PYQ’S MCQ’S Mock Test

Industrial Geography Syllabus, Study Material, PYQ’S, MCQ’S, Mock Test

Here in this post you will get Industrial Geography syllabus, Industrial Geography study material, Industrial Geography previous years questions (PYQ’S), Industrial Geography multiple choice questions (MCQ’S), alsoIndustrial Geography mock test

Unit–VI:   Geography of Economic Activities and Regional Development  
Industrial Geography 
  • Classification of Industries, 
  • Factors of Industrial Location; 
  • Theories of Industrial Location (A. Weber, E. M. Hoover, August Losch, A. Pred and D. M. Smith). World Industrial Regions,
  • Impact of Globalisation on manufacturing sector in Less Developed Countries, 
  • Tourism Industry, 
  • World distribution and growth of Information And Communication Technology (ICT) and Knowledge Production (Education and R & D) Industries. 

Study Material

Important Topic:


Previous Years Questions (PYQ’S):


Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’S) :

1. Industrial Geography Important Questions | Part 1 (1-25)

2. Industrial Geography Important Questions | Part 1 (26-50)

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