Economic Geography Syllabus Study Material PYQ’S MCQ’S Mock Test

Economic Geography Syllabus, Study Material, PYQ’S, MCQ’S, Mock Test

Here in this post you will get Economic Geography syllabus, Settlement Geography study material, Settlement Geography previous years questions (PYQ’S), Settlement Geography multiple choice questions (MCQ’S), also Settlement Geography mock test

Unit–VI:   Geography of Economic Activities and Regional Development  
Economic Geography
  • Factors affecting spatial organisation of economic activities (primary, secondary, tertiary and quarternary),
  • Natural Resources (classification, distribution and associated problems),
  • Natural Resources Management.
  • World Energy Crises in Developed and Developing Countries.

Study Material

Important Topic:


Previous Years Questions (PYQ’S):


Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’S) :

1. Economic Geography Important Questions | Part 1 (1-25)

2. Economic Geography Important Questions | Part 1 (26-50)

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