Agricultural Geography Syllabus Study Material PYQ’S MCQ’S Mock Test

Agricultural Geography Syllabus, Study Material, PYQ’S, MCQ’S, Mock Test

Here in this post you will get Agricultural Geography syllabus, Agricultural Geography study material, Agricultural Geography  previous years questions (PYQ’S), Agricultural Geography multiple choice questions (MCQ’S), also Agricultural Geography mock test

Unit–VI:   Geography of Economic Activities and Regional Development  
Agricultural Geography 
  • Land capability classification and Land Use Planning,
  • Cropping Pattern: Methods of delineating crop combination regions (Weaver, Doi and Rafiullah), 
  • Crop diversification,
  • Von Thunen’s Model of Land Use Planning.
  • Measurement and Determinants of Agricultural Productivity,
  • Regional variations in Agricultural Productivity,
  • Agricultural Systems of the World.

Study Material

Important Topic:


Previous Years Questions (PYQ’S):


Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’S) :

1. Agricultural Geography Important Questions | Part 1 (1-25)

2. Agricultural Geography Important Questions | Part 1 (26-50)

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